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Position: Teacher of Computer Applications
Organization: Dallas ISD
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Mr. Bill Betzen

Lowering dropout rates for $2/student

More About Mr. Bill Betzen.
Position: President
Organization: Maven of Memory
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Mrs. Jean Burk

Free College at Your Fingertips


More About Mrs. Jean Burk.
Position: Executive Director
Organization: TAP Youth Inc.
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Mr. Ryan D. Burton

Never Give Up! 3 C's for Success: Challenge, Choose and Create! Men Of DistinctionMore About Mr. Ryan D. Burton.
Position: Heifer Project Spokesperson
Organization: Heifer Project
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Mrs. Mary Cathcart

Heifer Project and its Work to Help End World Hunger and Poverty

More About Mrs. Mary Cathcart.
Position: Program Director
Organization: The ARKGroup
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Kaye Cooper

Making a Difference in the Lives of Kids:  We Have an Incredible Power at Our Fingertips

Parenting with Spiritual Power


More About Kaye Cooper.
Position: owner
Organization: Power of Choice
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Dr. Scot Cressman

The Power of Choice More About Dr. Scot Cressman.
Position: Chair
Organization: Leaders Of Tomorrow
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Mrs. Dana Davis

The “A Game” Speaking Topic covers: •"A"ttitude - Refine your mind! •"A"bilities - Understand your talents and gifts. •"A"ppearance – Look your best! •"A"ffiliations – Creating positive relationships. Use Mentors! •"A"ptitude - The Sky is the Limit! Think outside the ordinary! •"A"ctive - Excercise and wellness. •“A”ssessment - Take an annual inventory of yourself and understand where you need growth!More About Mrs. Dana Davis.
Position: Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach
Organization: Janet's Planets of Empowerment
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Mrs. Janet Ellis

The Path 4U - teens finding purpose and passion in their lives Affirming Your Life 3 P's - Purpose, Passion and Potential Bringing Your Desire to RealityMore About Mrs. Janet Ellis.
Position: Assistant Director
Organization: Arlington Parks and Recreation
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Mr. Bill Gilmore

As of February 2007

 My talks are generally geared to audience needs. 

More About Mr. Bill Gilmore.
Position: Community Outreach Coordinator
Organization: Alliance For Children
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Mrs. Katia Gonzalez

More About Mrs. Katia Gonzalez.
Position: Dads' Outreach Liaison
Organization: Arlington ISD
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Mr. Allen Inness

Better Schools, Safer Neighborhoods and a Stronger Community. How father involvement benefits children. More About Mr. Allen Inness.
Position: Youth Motivational Speaker & Success Coach
Organization: D&T Promotions, Inc. /
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Mr. David Michael Johnson

Beyond Swagg (Relinquishing perceived limitations and develop a boundless mentality) More About Mr. David Michael Johnson.
Position: Out Reach Specialist
Organization: MotherWit Services
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Ms. Elezya Lane

More About Ms. Elezya Lane.
Position: Library Services Manager
Organization: City of Arlington - Libraries
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Mr. Marc D. Marchand

"Building Relationships: A Strategy for Increasing Organizational and Community Capacity."; "Changing Libraries, Changing Lives: The Role of the Public Library Today." More About Mr. Marc D. Marchand.
Position: Literacy Coordinator
Organization: Arlington Public Libraries - East Branch
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Yoko Matsumoto

Arlington Reads


More About Yoko Matsumoto.
Position: Center Coordinator
Organization: Alliance For Children
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Ms. Shellie McMillon

Alliance For Children provides educational programs in the community which include the following presentations:

  • Alliance For Children General Presentation
  • P.S. It's My Body
  • Stewards of Children
  • NetSmartz
  • Safe Baby Site Program
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome 101 and SIDS


More About Ms. Shellie McMillon.
Position: President
Organization: Aid for Educators Inc.
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Greg Meyer

"Why Do Teachers Pay for Their Supplies?"More About Greg Meyer.
Position: Vice President of Program Development
Organization: Girls Inc of Tarrant County
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Melissa Oden

-"So You Wanna Be A Social Worker?" -"Women & Stress: Reclaiming Your Life" -"Alternative Medicine and Long Term Care" -4 years of various training topics for child care directors, managers and staff -"How Girls Inc Made Me Strong, Smart and Bold" "Issues in Maternal and Child Health" More About Melissa Oden.
Position: Professional Speaker
Organization: Moving Forward Speaking
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Tina Owens

"The Mind is everything. What you THINK you become."More About Tina Owens.
Position: Career Development Mentoring Coordinator
Organization: Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County
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Chantyl Parris

Mentoring Matters: How Mentorship Changes Lives More About Chantyl Parris.
Position: Victim Services Coordinator
Organization: Arlington Police Department
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Ms. Derrelynn Perryman

Family Violence

Family Violence and Homicide

Victims Rights and Victim Services

More About Ms. Derrelynn Perryman.
Position: Youth and Young Adult Pastor
Organization: The Antioch Church of Dallas,Tx
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Mr. Robert E Purvey

"You Can Do It"

"What About Your Friends"

"Tomorrow Begins Today"

"Moving From Rumor to Relationship"


More About Mr. Robert E Purvey.
Position: Twin Author's/Speakers
Organization: Double Impact
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Marisa and Alisha Readus

"Power Up With The Power Of Choice" "Community Organization Trainings" Relating, Communicating, and Working With Your Youth!! "Be Influenced Or Be The Influence" "You Are Worthy" All Girl's Crowd "Move Forward, Without Looking Back" (Youth On Probation) "Think Twice" Anger Management/Peer PressureMore About Marisa and Alisha Readus.
Position: Training Manager
Organization: Volunteer Center of North Texas
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Dana Riley

Flexible, based on your needs.More About Dana Riley.
Position: University Professor
Organization: UT Arlington
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Dr. Peggy Semingson

Fostering effective home and school partnerships. Helping students who face challenges in reading and writing. Integrating sustainbility topics with children's literature. Increasing student achievement in reading and writing instruction. More About Dr. Peggy Semingson.
Position: Counselor
Organization: Upward Bound Program
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Rebeca Felisa Tezaguic

Resume Writing

Interviewing/Business Protocol

College Search: Finding the Right fit for you

Networking: No man is an island

Upward Bound recruitment


More About Rebeca Felisa Tezaguic.
Position: Director
Organization: Center for Community Service Learning (UT Arlington)
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Dr. Shirley Theriot

  • Impact of Service Learning on Teacher Effectiveness
  • Service Learning 101
  • Creating Partnerships in the Community
  • Service Learning and Student Achievement   
More About Dr. Shirley Theriot.
Position: Coordinator
Organization: Sharefest
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John Thielman

Sharefest "Creative Collaboration for Positive ChangeMore About John Thielman.
Position: Sergeant First Class
Organization: Joint Force Counterdrug Program
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Gary Thompson

. Everything you need to know about Success is found Over the Rainbow . How to live a Stress Free Life . LIFE SKILLS . True- Colors of Temperment More About Gary Thompson.
Position: CEO
Organization: Just One Dream
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Mr. Joe Vazquez

D.R.E.A.M./ B.A.S.E./ 7 powerful levels of Success and How to Reach Them/ The Power to Create/ How to Structure a Keynote SpeechMore About Mr. Joe Vazquez.
Position: Chairman of the Board
Organization: Arlington Alliance for Youth
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Mr. James (Jim) E Walther

  1. What's driving this new world our youth face?
  2. How can you help Arlington grow as one of the top 100 cities for young people?
  3. A Faith-based approach for communities to raise their children
More About Mr. James (Jim) E Walther.
Position: President
Organization: Children Come First
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Ms. Jessica R Whitaker

"And Now I Am Telling My Story"...More About Ms. Jessica R Whitaker.
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